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At aSmoking encyclopedia you can find complete information about all modern smoking cessation methods, electronic cigarettes & products reviews, support forum and real ex-smoker stories. Hope it help you to give up this bad addiction and enjoy normal and healthy life without cigarettes & tobacco.

Learn Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online

Read where you can purchase smokeless cigarettes online, how to choose it and latest e-cigs reviews.

How to quit smoking naturally

Do you know how to stop smoking naturally? Read our reviews of all natural and herbal smoking cessation methods.

Electronic cigarettes review

Electronic smokeless cigarettes reviews. 12+ e-cigarettes brands reviewed!

All about Electronic Cigarettes

What is electronic cigarettes, advice, tips and what the benefits from switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Quit Smoking Programs – Availability of Different Options

Quick list of quit smoking programs, read how to stop smoking cigarettes!

Congestive heart diseases caused by smoking

Congestive heart diseases caused by smoking and alcoholism.

Quit Smoking for Health Benefits

What the health benefits you can get from quitting smoking?

Smoking and heart disease

How smoking and heart disease connected together. Read about risks and how coronary disease develops.

How does smoking hurt your heart?

Learn how does smoking hurt your heart, risk factors and why you need to give up tobacco smoking.

Nicotine and Smoking withdrawal symptoms

Learn major nicotine and Smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Should smoking be banned or not?

Should smoking be banned by government totally or not?

Famous Smokers Guide

Some famous smokers and what tobacco smoking have done to them.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Information

Stop smoking hypnosis information and how it can help you to give up tobacco cigarettes.

Quit Smoking While Pregnant

Quit Smoking While Pregnant and Safeguard the Health of your Unborn baby!

E-Health Cigarette

E-Health cigarette overview. Read what is e-cigs and why it best replacement for tobacco.


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Should smoking be banned? :
Yes, smoking must be banned completely.
Yes, but need to give to smokers to become non-smokers.
No, must be places for smokers and non-smokers.
No, what about smokers rights! ;-)

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